Keep Your Home Warm with Easy to Install and Operate Electric Radiant Floor Heating

Are you looking for simple options to keep your living space warn during cold winter months without spending a lot of money? Just try out electric radiant floor heating solution to keep your home warm without putting any extra time, effort or money. Based on our experience in designing a variety of energy-efficient and green equipments, we understand the varying needs of homeowners. So our team has designed both electric tile radiant floor heating system, and electric tile radiant floor heating system with mat.

In comparison to other floor heating solution, the radiant heating system offers a set of additional advantages. While keeping your living space warm and comfortable, the floor heater will not emit any noise. As the floor heating system can be installed in mortar under tile or masonry flooring, it will not have impact on the aesthetics and décor of your home. Also, the system is free from all types of problems related to dust. Despite offering many benefits, the radiant floor heating system is still effective in keeping your home warm without increasing your monthly electricity bills substantially.

Each model is designed specially to heat a specific square footage after being installed under the tile or masonry flooring. As the heating element is spaced 5” to 7” apart across the heated area, it is effective in covering areas of any shape. At the same time, the rise in flooring heat is not substantial due to less than 1/8" thickness of the solution. Also, you have option to choose from several models of electric floor heating system according to the size of area you want to heat. At present we are offering a 20-year warranty on the product whose expected life is 50 years.

Browse through our electric radiant floor heating systems to evaluate each model according to your heating needs.