Energy-Efficient Decorating String Lights to Enhance the Appeal of Your Garden and Lawn

Are you looking for simple ways liven up your outdoor parties? If you want to optimize the aesthetic appeal of your garden, it is a great idea to hand delicate string lights. These decorative lights are very mush effective in adding color to all types of outdoor gatherings. At the same time, the lights can further add a festive touch to your parties. The same lights can also be reused to optimize holiday d├ęcor during the Christmas season. Along with providing ambient and soft light, the decorative string lights can further can an attractive glow across your establishment.

AlekoGreenEnergy have recently launched a variety of decorative string lights to complement the nature of your gatherings. In addition to looking stylish and eye-catchy, these lights are also solar powered. So you can hang these at any location without using any outlet or extension cords. Once you place the string of 100 lights, these will be charged through sunlight during the daytime. You can simply turn the light on at the dusk, and make the lawn are stylish for next eight hours.

You also have options to choose from two distinct types of settings. The solid setting will keep the decorative lights solid, whereas the flash option will make the bulbs flash randomly. The lights also come in a variety of colors like white, blue, green and multicolor. Also, you can choose the LED solar powered Christmas string lights or the solar powered decorating string lights according to the nature and schedule of your party. At present, we are offering discount on the original price of the string light along with free shipping.

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