Key Differences between Wind Turbines and Wind Mills

The practice of generating energy by harnessing the kinetic power of wind is centuries old. But the technological innovations have changes the way people used to generate wind energy. The wind energy has become popular among modern people as a source of 100% clean, green, affordable and renewable source of power. Many people install residential wind turbines to meet their energy need by harnessing the wind. However, the older windmills are still used to generate wind energy through simple gearing. There are also a number of points that differentiate the two methods of harnessing wind.

The term windmills is still used to refer traditional windmills, whereas the term wind turbines is used to represent the device used by modern people to generate wind energy. Many people consider wind turbines as the still version of wind mills. Earlier, windmills are used to perform several activities including grinding grain into flour, and providing power to sawmill. The windmills were also commonly used in rural area to pump water. In many countries, people still use windmills to pump water. The height of the windmills can be as high as that of a tall building.

The size of the residential wind turbines can vary based on their usage. Some of the commercial wind turbines are designed with rotor diameters of 145 meters. So the height of these turbines can be equivalent to the height of a 50 stored building. However, the wind turbines are also available in portable designs for residential usage. Also, the modern wind turbines are much more powerful and efficient in comparison to traditional windmills. A user also has option to decide the size and features of wind power generators according to the average energy needs of his family.