4 Points You must Remember while Finding Location to Install Wind Turbines

Many people install wind turbines to generate and use energy by harnessing the kinetic power of the wind. Based on the average energy needs of your family, you have option to decide the size, design and features of residential wind turbines. However, the turbines must be installed at the right location to provide clean, green and renewable energy to your family over a longer period of time. Also, you need to concentrate on some key factors that can have a impact on the placement of these wind generators for home.

  1. Regular Wind Activity: The wind speed and activity vary from one region to another. It is always important to identify a location that receives regular wind activity. The inadequate wind supply will have a negative impact on the turbine’s performance. Most experts recommend homeowners choose from a several locations like rounded hill tops, open fields, coastal area, and mountain range gaps to provide maximum wind source to the turbines.
  2. Placement of Turbines: Many people install several wind turbines to generate and use more green energy. If you are planning to install multiple turbines, it is important to space the turbines individually. Also, you need to ensure that the turbines are not placed too closely to avoid create turbulence which can have negative impact on amount of wind energy generated by these devices.
  3. Noise: You have options to choose from several traditional as well as latest models of wind generators for home. In comparison to latest models, the traditional wind turbine designs are loud, and create noise. So you have to choose a location to install the earlier versions of turbine to keep your living space quiet by avoiding the noise. However, you can always overcome the issue by installing the updated wind turbines.
  4. Damage to the Ecology: Despite the popularity of wind turbines in generating clean, green and inexpensive energy, many people emphasize on their negative ecological effects. Often birds die after colliding with the spinning blades. So you have to choose a location where the turbines will not cause any damage to the local bird species. While evaluating the locations, you need to ensure that place is not used by birds as nesting and mating grounds.

Before evaluating the residential wind turbines, you must identify the best place to get these installed. Once you choose the right place to install the turbines, it will be easier for you to decide their size and features.