Exploring Options to Keep Birds Away from Your Wind Turbine

Wind turbines have become hugely popular among the people looking for clean, green, renewable and inexpensive energy sources. Based on the average wind speed of his area, a homeowner can determine the size, design and features of the wind turbine. But many reports have highlighted the negative ecological impacts of wind power generators. The wind power generators are also infamous for killing birds and wildlife during the process of converting wind energy into electricity. However, you can still install wind turbines to use 100% clean, green and renewable energy without causing any harm to birds.

Measures to Keep Birds Away from Wind Turbines

Use Loud Noisemakers: Most birds want to stay in calm and quiet environments. So you can make the environment unfavorable for birds by emitting noise. It is a good idea to consider using loud noisemakers to scare the birds off. Along with shotgun and air cannon blasts, you can also scare off the birds by playing siren noises and distress on loud speakers.

Remove Bird Nests from the Area: Most people do some initial research to choose the best place to install wind turbines. While evaluating places for turbine installation, you can consider choosing an area that is not inhabited by birds. Also, you can consider removing bird nests from the area around the wind turbine to eliminate the chances of the birds being killed during wind energy generation process.

Install Visual Items: Similar to the noise-making devices, you can also consider using a set of visual devices to scare the birds off. There are a number of items that can be installed around the wind turbine to scare the birds. Along with silhouettes of scarecrows and hawks, you can further consider installing flashing lights and balloons with pictures of big eyes. However, it is important to change the visual devices at regular intervals to making these stationary enough for the birds to get used to these devices.

Install Radar: The signals emitted by radars are effective in keeping certain types of birds away. For instance, the sound generated by radar signals is effective in driving away bats from the area around the wind turbines. However, the radar may not be effective in scarring off all types of birds. As the radar can easily detect a flock of birds approaching in the direction of the wind turbine, you can program it to shut the turbine down temporarily.

Each of these scare tactics has its own pros and cons. Certain methods will be effective in scarring off certain types of birds and wildlife. Also, each scare tactic will take some time to frighten the birds successfully. It is a good idea to experiment with different devices till you decide the most effective way to keep the birds away from the area around the wind turbine on a daily basis.