Get Tax Credits by Installing Wind Generators for Home

As a clean, green and renewable energy source, wind energy is popular among people residing in various parts of the world. Some people install wind turbines to generate and use energy without causing any harm to the environment and planet. At the same time, wind energy is hugely popular as an alternative to the expensive fossil energy and electricity. But many homeowners consider installing wind generators for home an expensive affair. Along with buying a residential wind turbine, a homeowner also has to incur installation and maintenance expenses.

But the people dwelling in the United States of America can save money by generating and using wind energy. According to a recent report posted on Bloomberg, “The Internal Revenue Service completed rules today that define how wind-farm developers can qualify for tax breaks. Under a law signed by President Barack Obama in January, wind projects must begin construction by Dec. 31 to qualify for the production tax credit. That’s lesser than the standard from previous years, which required energy production to qualify.

The tax breaks will bring down the overall cost of using wind turbines generators to meet the current and future energy needs of your family. As you have options to choose from several types of wind turbines, it will be easier for you to choose a model that suits your energy needs and budget. But you must choose the turbine by keeping in mind certain criterion including the average wind speed of your area. However, you must buy and install the wind generator before the 2014 to save money as tax breaks.