4 Simple Steps to Decide the Number of Solar Panels Needed for Your Home

If you are looking for options to reduce your monthly electricity bills, it is always a good idea to generate and use solar energy. The solar energy can be generated simply by installing solar panels. These panels are designed with crystallized silicone chips to capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. The panels can further be connected to large battery housing device to store adequate power to meet the current and future energy needs of your family, even when there is not enough sunlight. Based on the average energy needs of your family, you have to install multiple solar panels. So you must understand how to decide the number of solar panels to be installed your energy requirements.

  1. Decide Your Daily Average Electricity Usage: You can decide the yearly energy consumption of you family by adding the electricity used for each of the last twelve months. Simply by referring to the electricity bill, you can get the amount of electricity used during the specific months. After adding the monthly figures, you can calculate the total kilowatt hours for the entire year. The total kilowatt hours can be divided by 365 to calculate your daily average electricity needs. The figure can be multiplied into 1000 to get the daily average electricity needs in terms of watts.
  2. Evaluate the Daily Average Sunlight in Your Area: The amount of sunlight and heat vary from one region to another. So you have to find out the average hours of sunlight that can be availed per day. You can approach your local weather department to gather the information. Also, you can use the online solar calculator to find out the average hours of sunlight per day by entering the name of your area.
  3. Calculate the Average Hours of Sunlight per Day: Now you have to divide your daily energy usage in terms of watts by the average hours of sunlight per day in your area. The figure will help you in deciding the watts of energy to be produced per hour.
  4. Determine the Number of Solar Panels: You have options to choose from several types of solar panels. You can simply observe their individual watt ratings to find out the amount of electricity they can produce per hour. The watts of energy to be produced per hour can be divided by the solar panel rating to decide the number of panels needed to meet your regular energy needs.

After determining the number of solar panels required for meeting your energy needs, you can buy the solar panels from the local as well as online stores. It is always important to buy solar panels online to save your time, efforts and money.