Use Green Parking Lots to Generate Electricity while Providing Shade to Your Cars

Many people, nowadays, explore options to reduce their dependence on expensive power sources like electricity and fossil fuels. Some people install residential wind turbines to generate and use 100% clean, green and renewable energy generated by harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind. Also, many people install solar panels to capture and process sunrays to meet their current and future needs. But you can contribute towards producing green energy in a in a hassle-free and convenient way to simply by choosing the right parking option for your car.

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Idea of Solar Groves: The idea of solar driving lots was conceived by Robert Noble, an architect specializing in sustainable design. He made a plan to generate and use a huge amount of clean energy by covering the parking lots in the United States with solar panels. In an interview, Mr. Noble said, “Parking lots are this wasteland – they’re the last thing that gets attention.

He further added, “Here’s a market the size of Alpha Centauri that’s never been tapped.” Envision Solar, the company founded by Mr. Noble in 2005, has now become the leading solar carports developer in the Unites Stated of America. The company makes “solar groves”, 1,000-square-foot canopies that can be used to cover and shade parking lots, while generating clean and green energy using an array of photo-voltaic solar panels.

Huge Popularity of Solar Groves: According to a Wall Street Journal report published in September 2012, “From Long Island to the Arizona desert, developers are covering their lots with canopies of solar panels. Lot owners get to double up on their use of underutilized land and to offset their utility bills at the same time. And very little stands between most lots and the sun, so they can produce plenty of power. What's more, the canopies provide shade when it's hot and prevent snow from accumulating in the winter. Some have charging stations for electric vehicles.

As per a recent report posted on, “German automaker Volkswagen on Wednesday flipped the on switch for a new solar park at its Tennessee assembly plant. The 33-acre installation next to the Chattanooga plant has a capacity to produce more than 13 gigawatt hours of electricity per year. That's the equivalent of the amount of energy used by 1,200 area homes each year, according to Volkswagen.

Often the choice of option to generate and use green energy depends on your location. For instance, you have to decide about installing a residential wind turbine by keeping in mind the average wind speed of your area. But options like solar driving lots make it easier for you to generate green energy, and reduce environmental pollution, without putting any extra time, effort and money. You can simply locate the nearest solar driving lot, and simultaneously provide shade to your car and generate green energy.

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