Understanding Various Aspects of Selecting a Paint Remover

Many people find it a daunting task to choose the right paint remover. You can find a variety of paint strippers available in the market. Each product is made using a distinct set of ingredients. Once you choose the liquid or semi-liquid solvent, you can easily remove paint and restore the underlying surface to its original state.

Most of the paint strippers are chemical based, and can be very corrosive. So you must exercise a huge amount of care and caution, while using these products. On the other hand, some of the green products like our blasting paint remover are designed using environmentally friendly formula, and can remove paint without causing any damage to the environment. However, you must understand various aspects of using a pint remover to choose the right product.

Ingredients: Based on your choice, the paint remover can be a liquid or semi-liquid solvent made using different ingredients. Most products are made using chemicals like methylene chloride. Along with causing damage to the environment, such products can also cause harm to your body and health. On the other hand, the paint removers made using sodium or calcium hydroxide are considered to be more environment-friendly. While browsing through the paint strippers, you must read their labels to identify the chemical ingredients, and understand the safety directions. It is also important to choose a product that does not use any inflammable and harmful chemical ingredients.

Usage: Regardless of its ingredients, each paint stripper is effective in dissolving and softening the paint. Once the paint becomes soft, you can easily remove it from the underlying surface through the manual or mechanical methods. Normally, the molecules in paint stripper make it easier for user to scrape the paint away by soaking into the paint. However, you have to choose the product by keeping in mind the nature and type of the surface. For instance, certain paint strippers are designed specifically as heavy gel to strip paint from a vertical surface. But you must allow the stripper to remain for some time over the old paint to remove the paint layer easily.

Points to Remember: Most of the paint strippers come with natural bristle applicator. The applicator can be user to brush the stripper onto the surface. However, you must brush the liquid at a much quicker pace, and in a single direction. Often excessive brushing results in evaporation of active ingredients. After brushing, the stripper must remain on the surface for about ten to thirty minutes. During the time-frame, the old paint will start softening and bubbling. If the surface is covered with multiple layers of paint, you have to use several application of the paint remover to remove all layers. Based on the nature of the underlying surface, you can remove the traces of paint remover using a soft scrub brush or copper wool.