Determining the Average Cost of Wind Energy Generation and Usage

As a source of clean, renewable and green energy, wind power has become popular among both home and business owners. Many people, nowadays, install residential wind turbines to generate and use energy, without causing any environmental pollution. In comparison to other renewable energy source, wind can also generate more watts per dollar. But you have to invest funds towards buying, installing and maintaining the wind power generators. So you have to determine the cost of meeting your current and future energy needs through wind power.

Wind Turbine Prices:
When you buy a residential wind turbine, you also have to invest in the tower and other equipment. The prices of residential wind turbines vary based on their individual power output capacity. So the large and commercial wind turbine models will cost more that the portable models designed for residential use. Similarly, the height of the tower will depend on the average wind speed of the area and capacity of the wind turbine. Based on your average energy needs, you have to decide the design, size and model of the wind turbine for home. Once you determine the turbine, you have to decide the tower and other equipment required for its installation. However, you can always save money by buying the DIY wind turbine equipment, and then assembling these components on your own.

Installation Cost:
After buying the wind turbine and other equipment, you can install it on your own, or consider hiring an experienced technician. However, you have to incur expenses towards building the foundation for the tower, and installing electrical equipment to connect the turbine with your home. Normally, the installation cost will depend on the height of the tower along with the type of terrain selected by you. Also, you have to buy converters and batteries to store the wind energy for future use. It is a good idea to avail the off-grid kits or grid ties offered by the manufacturer to reduce the overall installation cost.

Regular Maintenance Expenses:
In comparison to other power generators for home, a wind turbine requires a lesser amount of maintenance. It can generate clean and green energy over a longer period from wind which is free and limitless. But you have to clean the turbines regularly to maximize its performance and efficiency. Often the turbine generated lower amount of energy due to dirt and debris. If you packed schedule does not allow you to clean and maintain the turbine on a regular basis, it becomes essential to hire a professional cleaner. So you have to incur some money towards maintain the efficiency of the residential wind turbine.

You have a number of options to reduce the amount of initial investment. Along with exploring getting grants, tax credits and similar incentives offered by the state and federal government, you can also get credit from the local utility by install a grid-tied system. The combination of these incentives will cover a huge portion of the funds required to buy, install and maintain residential wind power generators.