Creative Outdoor String Light Decoration Ideas to Impress Visitors

The decorating string lights can enhance the style and appeal of your home during various events and occasions. You may be planning a family get together, anniversary party or barbecue gathering, the overhead string lights are the best options to make the outdoor more trendy. Many homeowners even install these lights outside during the holiday season to convey their festive mood and spirit. You can even find some of these inexpensive and stylish light designs running through solar powers. These string lights can be used as a convenient way to create solar garden and lawn. However, you must gather ideas to decorate outside by choosing the right lights.

Decide a Theme for the Outdoor Area: Before browsing through the available string light designs, you have to decide the overall look and feel of the outside area. As you have options to choose from different sizes and colors of these lights, you must choose a theme that looks both trendy and sophisticated. For instance, you can hang all-white overhead string lights to make the outdoor living space look classic and sophisticated. Also, you can experiment with different colors to make the environment more vibrating and colorful.

Plan the Overall Decoration: You can decorate the home exterior by hanging string lights at several locations. Along with outlining the home windows, you can also consider handing string lights to cover trees. Based on your choice, you can even decorate the entire house by installing string lights. As the solar powered string lights do not affect your electricity bills, you can make a comprehensive plan and decide how the string lights will be placed to make the area more decorative and stylish.

Choose the Right String Lights and Supplies: It is also important to measure the outdoor area, and purchase the required supplies. Based on the size of the area, you have to buy adequate strings of lights. Also, you will need a 10-foot strand to hand the lights safely. If you are not buying string lights operated through solar energy, you have to additionally purchase power strips and extension cords. Similarly, you will need gutter hooks to hand the string lights on the roofline.

Hang the Lights: Before handing the string lights, you have to lay the extension cords and power slips properly, or install the gutter hooks. You can start hanging the lights by starting with the highest points and moving down gradually. While handing the lights, you need to ensure that each product is working and getting adequate energy supply. However, you must remember to turn the power source off, before continue with the string light hanging.

You can find many local as well as online home improvement stores offering several types of decorating string lights. But you must choose the solar powered string light designs to enhance the look of your home without increasing electricity bills.