How to Clean the Solar Panels Installed at Your Establishment

The solar panels complement your energy needs without causing any environmental damage. But the amount of power generated by the solar panels varies based on their size, efficiency and amount of sunlight received by them. You can further install multiple solar panels to get more power output. Also, you have to consider simple maintenance to optimize the efficiency and performance of these devices. Once these panels are installed, their performance will be affected due to the grime and dirt buildup. So you have to clean the solar panels at regular intervals to optimize their capacity and make these durable.

You have several options to determine if the panels need to be cleaned. You can climb onto the roof and see if the panels have become dirty. At the same time, you can also avoid climbing onto the roof by observing the amount of power generated by the panels. Once you observe a significant drop in the power output, you have to clean the panels to enhance their capacity.

Once you remove the solar panels for cleaning, you must check these thoroughly to identify the cracks and exposed wires. If you find any such defects, the same need to be fixed before washing the panels. Based on your convenience, you can fix the exposed wires and cracks on your own, or consider availing the assistance of a technician.

Now add a cleaning solution of your choice to a bucket full with warm water. You can choose from several streak-free cleaning solutions that will not cause any damage or harm to the solar panels. The panels can now be washed warm water-and-cleaner mixture. While washing, you must exercise some amount of care and remove the visible dirt and grime. You can even scrub the panels gently based on the nature of the dirt and grime.

After washing the solar panels, you have to dry these using a towel. However, you must remain cautious and ensure that the panels are not being scratched. It is also a good idea to use a chamois that are used for cars instead of using your normal towels.

The delicate nature of the solar panels makes it essential to remove, handle and wash these without putting too much of pressure. You can even consider using a harness or similar safety devices to eliminate the chances of falling down. If you have installed several solar panels, each of these has to be washed and dried individually to get maximum power output