Routine Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for Your Residential Wind Turbine

The latest models of residential wind turbines can be used without providing any major maintenance. But you must keep the blades and nautilus clean at regular intervals to extend the lifespan of the equipment.

A modern homeowner has options to choose from a wide variety of residential wind generators from the local as well as online sources. Most of the professionally manufactured wind turbines can generate wind energy without requiring any major repair and maintenance. But the performance and durability of your wind turbine will be impacted when its blade and nautilus become dirty. If you clean the blades at regular intervals, you can boost the performance of the home wind generator while avoiding future damages.

While cleaning the wind turbine, you must identify the areas where dirt can be built up. Along with the blades, there are also chances that dirt can also build up inside the nautilus. Also, you have to disconnect the equipment from its power source to eliminate the risk of electric shocks.

Use a wrench and remove the nuts and bolts used to connect the bladed to the nautilus. As these nuts and bolts can be easily lost, you must store these in a safe place. Now remove the blade wheels from the nautilus and place these on a clean and flat surface.

Prepare a mild household detergent mixture and spray the mixture on each blade. You can use damp rags to scrub off the dirt. However, the stubborn dirt needs to be removed by using a scrubbing brush. Also, you have to flip the wind turbine blades over and clean both sides of the blades along with their thin sides.

Similar to the blades, you also have to clean the nautilus of the house wind turbine. The excess dirt can be removed from the rotating mechanism by spraying water. You also need to use the rag or scrubbing brush to remove the additional dirt from the nautilus.

After cleaning the blades and nautilus of the wind turbine, you must allow these to dry for about 24 hours. When the parts are completely dry, you can easily reconfigure the wind generator by eliminating the chances of electric shock and similar damages

Once the nautilus and blades become completely dry, you can connect these using the nuts and bolts and a wrench. However, you must check the equipment thoroughly to ensure that the blades are connected tightly before the turbine is reconnected to its power source.