Top 5 Reasons to Install Solar Decorating String Lights in Your Garden

The solar powered lights are popular among the modern homeowners due to their inexpensive, simple and durable nature. Based on your requirements, you can choose and install solar lights of different sizes, designs and pattern. If you planning to light up your garden using solar energy, it is a great idea to go for the solar powered decorating string lights. In addition to acquiring power from 100% natural, renewable and green sources, these string lights can also be effective in reducing your electricity bill. If you are still skeptical about the benefits offered by the solar powered string light, you can read the top reasons for buying and installing these devices.

1. 100% Green and Natural Power Source: Solar energy has becomes popular as an alternative for the expensive electricity and fossil fuels. As the energy is generated by converting the sunlight into electricity, the decorating string lights can be supplied power from 100% natural, green and renewable sources. Once you install these lights inside your garden, on lampposts or near the mailbox, these can be noticed by your friends, relatives and other visitors. With everyone preaching about going green, you can easily impress the people visiting your home.

2. Suitable for Spaces with No Power Source: The solar lights will function through the energy collected from the sunlight and stored for future consumption. As sunlight is available at each corner of your garden, you can install these lights at various parts of your home. These lights can also be installed at places having no regular power supply, or where the powering is located in shade. When you choose some of the latest lighting systems available in the market, the lights will light up brightly just like the normal electricity powered lights.

3. Options to Choose from Different Designs and Sizes: Similar to the electricity powered lights, the solar powered decorating string lights are also available in a range of designs, sizes and patterns. Based on the size and design of the garden, you can consider installing large as well as small solar lights. Normally, these lights are designed with two basic settings, i.e., solid and flash. If you install the solar lights with flash setting, the bulbs will keep flashing randomly. On the other hand, the lights with solid setting will keep the bulb solid and steady. So you can easily choose and install the most appropriate setting to complement the overall look of your garden.

4. Easy to Install and Durable: The complex design of the devices and complicated installation process often make a number of electricity powers lights unsuitable for outdoor places. But the solar lights can be installed in the exterior and interior parts of your residence, without requiring any additional equipment. You can supply power to these lights by installing solar panels using basic wiring and few bolts to hold the panels securely. Further, the solar lights can be used over a longer period of time, without needing regular maintenance and replacements.

5. Longer Battery Backup: These solar lights are also designed with CFL or LED lamps that require much lesser power in comparison to standard electricity systems. Further, the latest solar systems are designed with a capacity of three plus days of battery backup. So these systems can easily generate and store electricity during normal daytime to light up the bulbs during evening and cloudy days. So you can still light up your garden conveniently even when the sun goes out for a couple of days. Based on the weather and climatic conditions of your area, you can choose and install the right solar panels to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the solar powered decorating string lights.