Use Green Energy to Prevent Energy Crisis, Global Warming, and Other Environmental Catastrophes

The rising levels of pollution and global warming have forced the modern people to explore natural and cleaner options to produce energy and hence a noticeable increase is also noted in the number of home owners using accessories and equipment operated by green energy. The term green energy can be defined as generation of energy using materials and processes that do not cause any harm and damage to the environment.

In addition to reducing pollution levels and global warming, the green energy also serve as a medium to reduce your energy bill drastically. During the ongoing period of energy crisis, the energy generated from 100% natural sources like tides, wind and sunlight can minimize your dependence on expensive fossil fuels. Further, you can even avail the grants sanctioned by both federal and state governments with an intention to encourage homeowners to use renewable, clean and green energy, without increasing their financial burden.

So the logic is, “Why waste money on electricity bills when we can generate our own electricity”.
Common Green Energy Sources to Meet Your Energy Consumption

A home owner has options to choose from a number of green energy sources. Based on the location of your property, and amount of energy consumed, you can use the green energy as your primary or supplementary power source.

Solar Energy: This popular form of green energy is generated using photo-voltaic cells which are designed specifically to absorb and capture the heat energy from sunlight and use the semi-conductor electrons to generate electricity. A homeowner has options to decide the size and capacity of the solar panels based on his energy requirements. Now-a-days, solar energy is commonly used for residential usage, running automobiles, and agricultural equipments.

Wind Energy: The wind energy is commonly used to power farms, ranches and homes without affecting the environment. Normally, the energy is generated using rotating large propellers. The blades are so designed to capture the most of wind energy and hence create a turbulence which in turn helps to rotate these blades. Thus captured mechanical energy is further channelized into a generator to produce electricity. You have options to choose from a wide variety of residential wind generators based on the structure of your residence, and energy consumption.

Hydrogen Energy: Hydrogen has also emerged as an eco-friendly energy source during recent years. As the element can produce huge amount of energy using electricity and water, the energy source is commonly used for vehicles. However, during the generation of hydrogen energy only water is released. But the process does not emit any harmful gas, as hydrogen is used in its purest form.

Popular and Cost-Efficient Green Energy Solutions for Your Home

Nowadays, a number of companies allow customers to choose from an array of renewable and green energy solutions to meet your energy consumption without depending upon the traditional form of energy.

Solar Panels: Though solar panels require a primary investment on purchase and installation, these may be compensated by reducing your energy bill over next many years. You also have options to choose from a variety of solar panel designs and sizes either from local market or online stores at your convenience.

Solar Water Heaters: Solar water heaters are most popular among the modern homeowners as they eliminate one of the most energy consuming heating bills and now, they are also available in market with many variations and designs.

Residential Wind Turbines: Residential wind turbines are popular due to their effectiveness in windy areas without requiring frequent maintenance. Normally, the wind turbines are designed using a set of simple equipments like a rotor, generator and support structure and they come in both horizontal and vertical axis type. But the turbines can easily convert wind power into kinetic energy, which in turn will be converted into electricity and can be used by your family.

Based on your available conditions, you can decide to adapt the most suitable form of green and renewable energy from a number of sources. Once you start using green energy sources on a regular basis, you can simply feel the difference yourself. Along with saving your pocket, the green energy further helps you prevent the most concerned global issues such as global warming, energy crisis and similar environmental disasters.